Talking Elephant

‘TALKING ELEPHANT’ is a campaign for the international animal advocacy group, WildAid, that features elephants speaking in English, Mandarin, Thai, and Vietnamese. In any language, the message is the same — never buy products that are made from elephants.


PH D live action Director Kevin Donovan went on location to film the elephants, then worked with PH D’s staff to handle all aspects of post. Critical to the process was calling on the group of CG artists that had worked with PH D innovative genius, John Hughes, to create cinematic animals for Academy-Award-winning films Babe and The Life of Pi. Additionally, so that the talking elephants precisely mimicked human speech movements, witness cameras filmed the voice-over actors while they performed in countries across the world. Effects Supervisor Helena Packer then led an international team of CG artists that designed 3-D effects and animation for the mouth- and facial- movements as well as composited the animals into African-landscape backgrounds.

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