‘PRECIPICE’ was done for the worldwide climate-change awareness program, 5 To Do Today. Against the backdrop of uncertainty wrought by a president-elect who claims that climate change is a hoax, action-icon Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in a groundbreaking spot to inspire consumers to make dietary choices that can help curb climate change.

Led by live-action Director Kevin Donovan, Effects Supervisor, Helena Packer and Technology Director, John Hughes, PH D worked directly with the client from concept to shooting to creating the dynamic, climate- changed world. This involved completion of all elements of production, including edit, color, music, and sound supervision. Using a range of post production effects — including vast interactive matte paintings, atmospheric effects, and the re-formation of body doubles to fit Governor Schwarzenegger — PH D created a powerful, metaphorical drama that unfolds in a depressingly-fantastic, dystopian future.

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