‘RIDE FOR THE BRAND’, the brain child of Head Football Coach Jeff Choate, is an emotional sports anthem used as the pre-game stadium ‘fire-up’ film as well as a commercial for Montana State University. The film was conceptualized, shot, and post-produced entirely by the PH D team. Working with frequent collaborator, Line Producer Maria Sanderson, and savant DP, John Sweeney, PH D utilized drone and phantom cameras to attain stunning sports-action results.

The piece has a futuristic, hyper-clean aesthetic, thanks, in large part, to the meticulous design and fantastic black football turf at The Pitt in Bozeman, MT. Vari-speed post effects were incorporated to give the piece an incredible ‘in the moment’ feel. The massive cinematic score and provocative voice/sound design is created by frequent PH D collaborator, the talented duo, Artists Evolution.

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